Netkiller Cloud DLP

Keeping Your Data Safe From All External and Internal Threats


GSuite Integration

Netkiller DLP connects with all of your Google Drive and GSuite files to become a pervasive and secure force within your data. All domain users, all of their files and personal data are protected.

Location Monitoring

With IP tracking and location monitoring, ensuring your files are only accessed by your users is simple. Each access point is given a marker on the map, and each can be inspected individually.

Transmission Prevention

Through custom data transmission policies, Netkiller DLP monitors and controls all file activity within your domain. Your most sensitive files and documents will be stopped before they make it out of your hands.



Netkiller DLP was created to elevate our customer’s control over their cloud data. With advanced threat detection and adaptive controls for any regulation, Netkiller DLP helps you manage all of your Google Cloud Data. Using Google’s DLP metrics as a framework, we create personalized reports based on your domain’s transmission history and breach data to ensure you are up to date with all data activities. Not only that, but Netkiller DLP stops the transmission of sensitive data based on the classifications you create. With our data rules, you are able to classify hundreds of types of sensitive data to ensure local and international information is protected. With our advanced content inspection and data classification, Netkiller DLP can solve all of your cloud data privacy needs.







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