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3 Essentials for Data Loss Prevention for Google Drive

Updated: Jun 11

- Best Practices for Keeping Safe on G Suite

Cybercrime is on the rise. From leaked information to full-scale data hijacking, the risks associated with doing business online is increasing every day. We are working to make online presence safer with the introduction of three must-have essentials for Data Loss Prevention for Google Drive.

The Problem

Google Drive is a platform that allows file storage where users are able to collaborate, share files and synchronize documents. Google drive can store any file created in their Docs platform, or any file you create and upload to the platform. One of the perks with Google drive is real-time information detection; there are huge risks present for any company if a data breach occurs. While G Suite Enterprise DLP offers security for scenarios involving Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, it fails to recognize security violations in Google Forms. This is a major problem.

Three Data Loss Prevention Problems with Google Drive

1. Not All Files Protected in Google Drive

In order to ensure complete cyber security, it’s imperative to secure ALL of your files, including Google Forms. Google Forms often contain highly sensitive material and are manipulated in real-time. Once a breach is detected, cybercriminals can easily have all the information they need to infiltrate your organization. In other words, at the moment your information is leaked into the wrong hands, the damage is done.

2. File Sharing Risks Presented by External Users

File sharing and collaboration are the main attractions of G Suite Enterprise. Sharing with external users is a common practice; business leaders and employees often need to solicit the services of freelancers or share information with other 3rd party associates. Even the innocent act of copy and pasting from unmonitored documents poses real risks. In order for files to be safe, the files shared with or by outside sources should be scanned as part of the security process, but with G Suite Enterprise DLP, that is not the case.

3. Limited Revision History Recording

While Google Drive covers up to 30 days and 100 revisions in their services, this scope leaves a large gap. For companies who have living documents for years, you can lose valuable versions and iterations to a time frame limitation. over. Without proper version retention, your company runs the risk of losing valuable historical data from accidental changes or deletion. In these situations, it would be ideal to have unlimited storage and versioning of your documents; for investigation or breach related purposes.

Don’t think cyber-criminal experts aren’t aware of the limitations of G Suite Enterprise. They are; their job is to understand and exploit these loopholes and the opportunities presented because of them.

An All-Inclusive Solution

Netkiller DLP is a practical solution incorporating all of the above safety measures into G Suites in one application. Netkiller DLP includes all of the standard G Suite Enterprise DLP services: Google Drive Loss Prevention, Real-Time Protection and Quarantine, Rule Setting, Keyword Search, Technical Support, Template, and Shared Drives.

Netkiller DLP takes the G Suite Enterprise features to a new and more secure level with the Unlimited Revision retention, and Version History (beyond the 30 days and 100 revisions that Enterprise provides). Netkiller DLP secures and scans ALL Google Drive Files Detection (including Google Forms). Our product offers Detection on Files from External Users, plus Netkiller DLP seamlessly integrates with G Suite Basic/Business which is paramount to the success of our smaller partners.

Netkiller is a trusted source for extra layers of security within Google Drive. Netkiller DLP was created for the sole purpose of adding value across the board; with cloud control and security for all users. Our application solves the three main security issues with G Suite Enterprise DLP and can do so much more.


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